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If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life it’s that you will never regret taking a vacation.  Those memories will last a lifetime.  And even longer if you publish them online.

Santa Fe (July) 2011


New Orleans 2011


Arizona and Santa Fe (March) 2011

Texas 2010

New Orleans (and Florida) 2010

Las Vegas and California 2010

Glenwood Springs 2010


 Skirt Chaser 2010 (29:38)

Turkey Day 10K 2010 (59:03)

Denver Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon 2010 (2:08:03)

Superbowl 5K 2010 (31:11)

Bolder Boulder 2011 (58:35)

Skirt Chaser 2011 (25:47)

Denver Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon 2011 (2:10)

Louisville Turkey Trot (27:44)

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