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Hello Again!

July 30, 2010

Yes, I’m alive!  Internet access in our hotel in Anaheim was $10 per day and so was parking so we opted to pay to park the car and forwent the internet 😦 

We drove up the Pacific Coast Highway today which, as you can imagine, runs along the California coast.  It was BEAUTIFUL, but it also took 14 hours…

In other words I’m tired.  Too tired to upload all of our California pictures so in the meantime please accept this teaser from the 2nd day in Vegas plus a few other photos from our stay in Anaheim.

The Buffet at the Wynn is to die for

No, we did not eat all of this

I truly want to live in Disneyland!

Especially if there’s food like this there!

It’s wayyyy past time for bed.  Hoping to find time to post tomorrow! 


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