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Race Recap: Skirt Chaser

August 30, 2010

We made it to the start line with minutes to spare for our first ever Skirt Chaser 5K!  They herded us all backwards through what turned out to be the start and finish line — so being one of the last ones through made up one of the first to start the race, eek!!

Starting off fast KILLS me so I knew I would run into trouble further into the race when I looked down and saw we had an 8:30 pace in the first mile.  That’s WAYYY too fast for me!  Our fast pace + the blazing sun + a mostly uphill course really took a toll on me.  I was struggling, to say the least and my mouth was so dry 😦

Not my ideal version of a race BUT I had great company 🙂 and we finished 3 minutes faster than I finished my first 5K!  Total time = 29:38 (9:32 pace) — I’m very proud of this!

Pre-Race Fuel:

My last Ezekial wrap microwaved for 30 seconds then smeared with PB and banana + carrot and hummus on the side

Perfect fuel for a run if you ask me!

Post-race Fuel came in the form of free Chipotle — feel free to be jealous.  I got the vegetarian.  It came with cheese which I usually don’t get but it tasted so so good!

Sunday was one of those lay around all morning kind of days 🙂 sometimes we all need one of these!

Dinner = Black Bean Burgers

I think it’s pretty hard to mess up a black bean burger so we just kinda tossed in whatever we wanted, including pepitas.  I’m still boycotting my food processor so we mashed the beans with a fork and kept the seeds whole.  Loved the crunchy element!

We also tossed in some whole wheat flour, BBQ sauce, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt and paprika

Popped these in the oven on 350* for 20 minutes on each side and voila — topped with mustard, tomato and pickles.  I thought the pickle made this burger!

And because no burger is complete without corn on the cob on the side

The corn was PERFECT

Did you notice that the lighting is excellent in these pictures?  That’s because we ate at 6, a whole 2 hours before we usually eat dinner.  Why?  So we could have time to digest before our night run!

I did something I’ve NEVER, I repeat NEVER done before… ran 7 miles!  And not just that but I ran 7 miles without having to walk.  Sure, my feet are not happy to be so blistered today but it was worth it.  I NEEDED  a really good run so badly and I finally got one!

I’ll get back to you on the mile splits but I think we figured we did about a 10 minute pace on average.  I came home and crashed into bed.  Nothing like a nice long run to put you right to sleep 🙂

What’s your longest distance?

Happy Monday (is that a an oxymoron?)

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  1. August 30, 2010 10:47 AM

    Those black bean burgers look delicious!!! I would have to say my longest distance was my half – 13.1 miles! I’m about to do another one, so I’ll have to add another one to my belt!

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