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Vacation Recap!

August 4, 2010

Okay, okay time to finally tell you all about my vacation and by that I mean the food I ate on vacation. 

In case you weren’t keeping track of my daily activities (and I don’t know why anyone would) here’s how the vacation went:

  • Thursday: drive to Las Vegas (Dinner at Sea Blue)
  • Friday: Las Vegas all day (Wynn Buffet & Jerry Seinfeld at Caesar’s Palace)
  • Saturday: Drive to LA (Dodgers Game) then drove from LA to Anaheim (dinner and fireworks in Disneyland)
  • Sunday: DISNEYLAND
  • Monday: DISNEYLAND (Dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen!)
  • Tuesday: DISNEYLAND & Angels Game
  • Wednesday: Drive to San Diego (breakfast at Cafe 222, afternoon at the beach & Padres Game)
  • Thursday: Drive the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco + stop in Morro Bay for lunch
  • Friday: Biked across the Golden Gate Bridge, had lunch in Sausalito & Giants Game
  • Saturday: Drive all day to Salt Lake City
  • Sunday: Drive all day home

That’s a LOT of driving for 11 days!!  And Joey did most of it, oops 😛 

We did a lot of eating too.  Roll the vacation food highlights reel!

Course numero uno at the Buffet at the Wynn — I HIGHLY recommend this buffet if you happen to be in Vegas.  I think I’ve been to a total of 4 and this was BY FAR the best!

Hers = salad with tomatoes and capers, some kind of ceviche which I’d never had before and did not like (ceviche is cold??) and mussles! 

His = salad drowning in ranch dressing, tomato soup + bread.  We shared the mussles but I think Joey was a little weirded out by them…

Crab legs were the obvious highlight of the buffet, which meant a long line but I snacked on some sushi while we waited 🙂

Crab legs, sushi, shrimp + cocktail sauce, edamame.  Word to the wise: before eating sushi off your boyfriends plate make sure he hasn’t accidentally drenched everything on the plate in melted butter YUCK!

We skipped the pasta area and headed for the steak and veggies.  Going clockwise: corn (so so good), curried chickpeas, roasted veggies (is that a patty pan squash?!), mashed potatoes (yuuuum), beets (not my favorite) and asparagus (just how I like em!)

Joey got steak of course and I tasted it of course.  Pretty good but not quite as good as the steak he had the night before which practically required no chewing.

Remember this picture?  Believe me this is only a small portion of what was available in the dessert section.  They have an ice cream counter and you can add your own toppings but we figured there’s tons of places where you can do that so we passed on the ice cream.

Starting with the “green thing” and going clockwise: mint cake, oreo mousse, raspberry mousse, strawberry shortcake, apple pie and some sort of pudding thing that obviously didn’t make any lasting impressions.  We took a bite then rotated through then I finished the shortcake and Joey ate the oreo mousse.  The tiny sample size dishes + sharing + sampling instead of finishing = perfect amount of dessert!

On the way out of Vegas I stopped by Starbucks and got some oatmeal and a banana.  Verdict: NOT as good as anything I’ve made at home (it was so thick!) but at least it cured my hunger.

So glad I chose to make a samich in the car before the Dodgers came considering this was what they had available in the All-You-Can-Eat Pavillion!

Dinner was enjoyed in Downtown Disney at an italian restaurant called Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria.  We started by sharing a spinach salad with goat cheese and candied walnuts.  Usually I don’t like walnuts but when they’re candied they’re GOOD!

Whoa, giant pizza!!!  The sizes were individual, large and family so we went with large and were pretty surprised when this was set in front of us.  We proceeded to stuff our faces with pizza but only made a little more than half way through 😦  Notice anything weird about his pizza other than it’s size?  Yes, it has pepperoni and sausage!  Most of the pizzas had meat and since I’m not actually a vegetarian (I just prefer to order veggie over meat) I let Joey get his fill of meat.

Other Downtown Disney highlights included this strawberry margarita at Tortilla Joe’s

Followed by these veggie enchiladas.  Is queso fresco not a wonderful cheese??  And I rarely get to eat it 😦

Favorite breakfast = Open faced egg sandwich with spinach and feta + potatoes at La Brea.  I also had a chai latte that “tasted like Christmas” haha

Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast at Cafe 222!  Whoa, were this rich.  Joey and I shared an order and each only ate one piece and to be honest I felt a little sick afterwards 😦

We did, however, sit next to three Dodgers players and Joey was far too distracted…

Well there you have it, our California extravaganza in a nutshell.  Now it’s time for Beanie and I to head to the Rockies game!


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  1. August 5, 2010 3:24 AM

    That is quite the road trip! Looks like fun..I’ve never done any buffets in Vegas but the Wynn one looks fab.

    Sadly I think I could totally demolish that pizza!

    • August 5, 2010 10:30 PM

      I was disappointed in my inability to finish that pizza!

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