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Life Update

June 13, 2011

Although moving, cleaning and getting used to the whole “I’m not a student anymore” thing have been taking up most of my time lately, there have been a few other things going on in my life as of late.  None of which are probably noteworthy, but I promised to share more of my non-food related life happenings, so here we go.

I’m now accepting donations for the “Buy Lauren a new laptop” charity.

My laptop may officially be dead.  I’m hoping it’s just the battery, otherwise all those pictures and every single college paper I’ve ever written and insist on hoarding for the rest of my life are gone forever.  Good thing I keep a hard copy of those papers too. 

But really, I would be sad about losing the pictures.  My iTunes however, not so much.

I’ve become quite accustomed to the indoor picnic.

More because we had no furniture in the old apartment for about 3 days before we actually moved and less because I wanted an indoor picnic.  And I assure you the picnics I was having did not involve cute pillows, blankets, vases of flowers or Pellegrino. 

Or real plates.

Or more than one person.

Maybe I should continue this tradition in the new place and involve the cuter indoor picnic elements, though.


Need I say more?

Okay, my burn wasn’t actually that bad but I’m a firm believer in practicing safe sun-tanning.  As in I usually dose myself in sunscreen and/or hide my face in a towel.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many pictures we have from family vacation of me looking like Mother Theresa wrapped in my towel.

Hannah and I hit up our pool one last time before moving and although we sunscreened we still ended up pretty burned.  Let’s put it this way, after I took my bathing suit off, I still looked like I had a bathing suit on.

I bruised my hip with my own elbow.

Don’t even ask.  Apparently I’m into self-inflicted pain lately.

I’m officially the world’s slowest reader.

I bought Atlas Shrugged almost a month ago and am only 100 pages in. 

I spent the last 4 years learning how to read 100+ pages a night and now when I actually have free time to read, I completely forget how to do so.

Or maybe I haven’t forgotten I’ve just been distracted by…

Sex and the City.

Joey and I have been averaging 4 episodes a night.  Don’t even give me any “you watch too much TV” lectures.  I couldn’t care less.  I just know SATC may be the world’s greatest show.

I’m surprised Joey hasn’t asked me to stop saying “Oh yeah, this is the one where…” every time a new episode starts.

Apparently I’m on a turquoise kick.



To this day, I cannot remember where that scar came from.  I blame some kitten with sharp claws.


My favorite new purchase:



Okay, so that’s kind of food related, but I couldn’t help myself.

Also, I swear Joey knowingly posed for this picture.

And now I’m off to conquer a to-do list that includes a trip to Comcast and the search for a kitchen utensil holder.

Preferably one that looks like this.

Or maybe just like this.

What has been going on in you lives lately??

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  1. June 13, 2011 5:26 PM

    Ah yes, I’ve had many an indoor picnic while not having furniture. That knife holder is hilarious, I would LOVE to see that in someone’s kitchen! Best of luck with your to-do list!

  2. June 13, 2011 5:29 PM

    I love that utensil holder!! So adorable. That is also great that Joey will watch SATC with you. I’m pretty sure my guy would gag if he knew I watched The Bachelorette! 🙂

    • June 13, 2011 11:02 PM

      His favorite movie also happens to be How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. He might be the female in the relationship 😛

  3. June 13, 2011 7:18 PM

    Haha I remember when I was going through my SATC marathon phase, I’d average about 4-5 episodes a day too. Can never go wrong with so much of a good thing. And those onion goggles are freakin hilarious. I’ve got to pick some of those up for my mom, because she always cries when she cuts onions. Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, I fell asleep in the sun the other day and woke up with a nose that resembled Rudolph’s. Very much ouch…

    • June 13, 2011 11:01 PM

      Please do buy a pair for your mom, they are so stylish. I hope you don’t peel like I am!

  4. June 13, 2011 7:58 PM

    I’m surprised that Joey will watch SATC!

    • June 13, 2011 11:00 PM

      He’s into all kinds of chick flicks. It’s rather girly 😛

  5. June 13, 2011 8:32 PM

    I’ve been having similar laptop issues! :s I should probably save everything I want before it totally bites the dust

  6. June 13, 2011 9:29 PM

    I love all your turquoise stuff! I need to pick up some more turquoise when I head down to New Mexico over 4th of July. My grandparents live down there and have bestowed me with all the turquoise jewelery I currently have, but girl can never have enough turquoise (or jewelery for that matter) in her life. One of life’s truest truths. 🙂

    • June 13, 2011 11:00 PM

      Oh my gosh, I’m going to be in NM July 8-10th!! Will you be there then??

      • June 14, 2011 3:08 PM

        Ahhhh…we’ll just miss each other. I’m going to be down there July 3-5. Bummer. But we should plan a meet-up sometime regardless! Let me know if you’re free anytime in the next month or so, and we can figure out some sort of fun get-together here in the CO…:)

      • June 14, 2011 5:56 PM

        Darn!! But yes we really should meet up in the very near future, please. I was checking out the schedule for that dance fitness class but I’m not sure it would work this week, but definitely another time. Let me know what your schedule is for the next couple of week and we will definitely figure something out! Lauren

  7. June 14, 2011 4:30 AM

    i think, when i have my own place, i need that utensil holder. it’d be great…people could come over, see that, and fly outta there faster than…something fast…
    bummer about your laptop!! the good news is, you can recover your hard drive, most likely! i found out the hard way, too 😉

  8. June 14, 2011 9:21 AM

    Does eating in front of the tv count as an indoor picnic? No? Just checking. I like the knife holder by the way. I saw one like it in the Think Geek catalogue (one of my guilty pleasures – love that retailer!)

    • June 14, 2011 4:37 PM

      If it does count than I’ve been indoor picnic-ing for YEARS.

  9. milehighmark permalink
    June 14, 2011 9:43 AM

    I got $5 on your next laptop. Make it $10 after that photo of Joey wearing onion goggles! I’ve definitely received well more than that in entertainment value following your blog. And is that not an SATC t-shirt he’s sporting??? Suh-weeet!

    Jamie and I have been trying to catch up on DVRed episodes of Treme, season 2, which we think is the world’s greatest show. If you’re not familiar with the series, it’s on HBO and set in post-Katrina New Orleans. It’s very much about the music and culture, and done very well. (Side note: Created by David Simon (“The Wire”)) Netflix has season 1 available for non-HBOers, I highly recommend it!

    • June 14, 2011 4:36 PM

      Ha ha sadly it is not a SATC shirt, but a Las Vegas one. That show sounds right up my alley. Wait, is that the one with John Goodman? I think I’ve heard about it! Good thing I have Netflix!

      • milehighmark permalink
        June 14, 2011 5:02 PM

        Yep, John Goodman is in Treme. His character gets a You Tube following from his rants about Katrina, rebuilding NOLA (the right way), and the government Fail. I know from your blog that you’ve spent time in New Orleans, and have some family roots there, so yeah, totally up your alley. I’ve never been to NOLA, but this show makes me want to go in a bad way. Just not when it’s jam packed full of 20-year-olds on spring break puking on each other.

  10. June 14, 2011 12:04 PM

    Please send me that jewelry. K, thanks 🙂

  11. June 21, 2011 8:56 AM

    haha i totally relate to this post!! i’m also going through a serious need for a new laptop crisis. apparently 2 years is the max for electronics these days, ugggh! i can also join you in turquoise addicts (not so) anonymous because I can not walk by anything turquoise without trying it on/buying, its just such a fun happy color!
    My life is also just so crazy busy right now that food posts have disappeared and i cannot remember the last time i was in the kitchen to make anything more than cereal or a smoothie!
    that knife holder is hilarious, what a great gift idea for the 500 showers i have to go to this summer! and finally, there is no such thing as too much tv especially when sex and the city is involved. i have seen every episode 100 times and the reruns on E! never get old, it is still just as funny, enlightening, and fashionable as ever!


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