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May 23, 2011

Did you all catch Amanda’s post?

How about Jenny’s?

If not, you should definitely check them out.  Both bring up some really good points about the thin line between healthy and unhealthy and how easily an obsession with health can morph into something unhealthy.  After reading both posts, I was left with so many thoughts running around my head!  And really, I’d like to share them but honestly I don’t think I have them completely sorted out.

What I do know, is that this I started this blog to share my passion for food, my explorations in cooking and my love for writing.  I don’t claim to have everything figured out and I would never suggest that anyone should try to mimic my or any other healthy living bloggers life.  And really, food is only a portion of my life and I am much more than what I eat.  I sincerely hope the same goes for all of you.  I hope none of you beat yourselves up because you can’t live up to the lives of other bloggers.  Comparing yourself to others only makes you unhappy. 

And to prove that I do have things going on in my life that aren’t food related, let’s take a look at some of the other things I’ve been enjoying lately, shall we?

Atlas Shrugged

According to my mom, and really she’s the only authority I care to listen to, it’s a classic that I had to read.

Atlas Shrugged

I wish I could tell you whether it’s good or not but I’m something like 18 pages in and it’s just too soon to tell.

The job search continues.

Seriously guys, I hate job searching and seem to be able to come up with countless excuses to put it off but it just needs to be done, sigh.  And to be honest, I’m feeling a little lost at the moment.  I know I’m a smart motivated person and I want a job that reflects that but at the same time I’m in no way ready to dive into a career.  I’m young and want to have some unbridled fun.  And by fun I clearly mean taking mid-afternoon naps and fantasizing about taking spontaneous vacations that I can’t afford.


Greece?  In your dreams, self.

Or letting Joey talk me into having one two too many margaritas while out at dinner on a Wednesday night because when you’re a job-less graduate every night is a weekend night, right?  Yeah, that did happen.

iPod overhaul.

Does anyone else spend way too long shuffling through songs before finally stopping on one they like?  I’m notorious for this.  It drives Joey insane.  I’m fairly sure we listened to a portion of at least 5 songs during our last 5 minute car ride.  Oops.

Point being: my iPod sucks.  I had so much music on there that I hated/didn’t listen to and it had to be changed so I finally went through all my songs and deleted the ones I didn’t like and lots that I didn’t even know.  Where did those even come from??


  • I2I from the Goofy Movie soundtrack
  • Anything by Britney or Gaga
  • Hairspray soundtrack


  • 98% of songs by Rihanna/Taylor Swift/any country artist
  • Every song from an American Idol performance
  • Songs with titles like “Knuck if You Buck” or “Ghostride the Whip”


  • The newest Augustana CD – if you don’t know them, please please look them up
  • Anything by Fleetwood Mac – thank you for re-affirming my love of Fleetwood, Glee!

Did anyone else love the heck out of the season finale of SNL?

I want to vow never to watch that show again unless it involves Justin Timberlake.  When I saw that he was hosting and Gaga was performing I may have let out a small yelp of excitement.

And just when I thought it would be the first time Jimmy Fallon didn’t make a guest appearance, he showed up and reaffirmed my love for “The Barry Gibb Talk Show” skit.


My yoga going has slowly and surely decreased each week and I hadn’t been at all in three weeks, oops!  Glad to say, I finally managed to get back into the yoga studio not once, not twice, but three times this week.

Yoga fusion kicked my butt.  I don’t think I was ready to jump back into the hot style yet, so I took it easy the next two times and just went to the free beginner’s classes.  Ahh, yoga, how I adore thee.

Only in my dreams does my dancer’s pose look anything close to this.

Sunset strolls.

Last night I talked Joey into talking a sunset walk with me and it was just lovely.  Reminded me why I love summer.  Warm temperatures and a sun that sets after 8 PM Smile

Because that’s totally what my backyard looks like….

Wishing you a happy Monday and hoping you find happiness in whatever is going on in your life right now Smile

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  1. May 23, 2011 5:12 PM

    What a thoughtful post Lauren! Makes me happy just reading it.

    I’m about to head home from work in a bit and plan to take my dog for a walk in the sunshine — I’m pretty sure that will make my day more joyous!

  2. May 23, 2011 5:52 PM

    Food + obsession is a delicate topic, indeed. When I count my calories, I have to really watch myself to make sure nothing in them freaks me out. I am grateful every day that I never was struck with an ED!
    I wish my backyard looked like that, too.

  3. May 23, 2011 6:55 PM

    Hey girl! Thanks for the shout-out ❤ I'm a total foodie at heart, but I've been thinking about including different things in my blog to, like you said, show that I have a life outside food as well. Just gonna take a while to get there because I'm kinda shy 🙄

    And I'm totally feeling you on the job thing… since school ended, I've been going out of my mind with boredom because I have yet to find work for the summer. Sigh. And job hunting is so annoying…

  4. May 23, 2011 7:06 PM

    I loved reading Amanda’s post and Jenny’s, definitely very insightful. How cute that you walked with Joey in a sunset. I’ve never done that before, boo 😦

  5. May 23, 2011 7:38 PM

    I. love. this. idea.
    I always plan to incorporate more of my life into my blog but it seems by the time I get a recipe and pictures and what not up it just seems irrelevant/boring to drone about my life. I think I’ll take a hint from you and just devote a post to random things going on, though 🙂 I love reading more about the bloggers I’ve come to love. It’s a great switch from food all the time, even if it does look good 😉
    I had a recent iPod overhaul, too. Except I was a little less sensible about it and just blindly deleted everything on it. Yep…everything…

  6. May 23, 2011 9:50 PM

    I’m kind of obsessed with Fleetwood Mac. And Stevie Nicks, of course….sometimes, I think I was meant to be a child of the 70s. I’m glad Glee was able to reawaken the Fleetwood Mac love! 🙂 You’ve got good taste in music, girl!

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