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Bean O’Clock

August 31, 2010

I strayed from my regular overnight oats yesterday in exchange for something a little more bready.  I was craving carbs after my long run!

What’s easier to assemble at work than a bagel with peanut butter and banana?

Justin’s Nut Butter packets make PB easily portable!

After struggling through 4 hours of reading The Mill on the Floss (hello HEAVY reading load for my Later Victorians class) at work I ventured out into the fresh air and joined my sister for lunch.

I’m also taking a class called “Bad Books” — bad as in wicked, that is.  My professor has a giant arm tattoo and his tongue pierced, not your typical class or professor but both are totally awesome so far!  Not totally awesome = sitting next to said teacher for an entire hour during lunch…

This salad didn’t do it for me today 😦

Greens, strawberries (these were phenomenal), pepitas & balsamic

I restocked on yogurt yesterday, oh AND apples.  We I did such a bad job grocery shopping last week — we didn’t have any snack type stuff or extra fruit for me to bring for lunch.  I made sure to pick up a bunch more stuff for this week.

I’d never had that brand of Greek yogurt before.  It was pretty good — I forgot how wonderful creamy Greek yogurt is — but this wasn’t my favorite brand.  I’m partial to Oikos (which I didn’t even buy!)

Remember Bean O’Clock?  Everyone agreed it should be a Colorado tradition too so we all gathered around the Dorsey kitchen table for some red beans and rice.

My mom’s version is a lot different from my uncle’s.  Hers are usually much thicker, although she thinned them out a bit today and she uses sausage and ham instead of pickled pork.  I really don’t think you can compare the two recipes because they’re just so different and I love them both!

And then because we hadn’t eaten enough already (yes, you are sensing sarcasm here) my mom supplied us with some homemade bread pudding. 

Do I sense some family competition going on here between my mom and my uncle??

Whoa, talk about leftovers!!  I had a tiny piece because I was so full but it was spectacular.  I expect nothing less from my mom — did you know she used to run a one woman catering company?  I’d like to think she passed some of that food passion/cooking talent on to me — thanks mom!

I returned home happy and full 🙂

Who did you get your cooking talents (or lack there of) from?

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  1. August 31, 2010 10:58 AM

    I don’t know where I get my cooking from – I guess my mom because she USED to cook a lot, but claims she has forgotten how 🙂

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