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All about Boulder

June 5, 2010

I really was planning on cooking dinner last night but it was getting late and pizza had been sounding SO good, so we walked over to The Village Tavern for a Friday night treat. 

I got the Spinach Pizza with Feta and it fulfilled  my every pizza craving (despite being a tad bit soggy towards the middle).  Can’t wait to eat the left-overs 🙂

While Joey chowed down on the Four Cheese Burger + Fries

It must’ve been good because I didn’t have time to try any before he had inhaled the entire plate!

Tried my hardest to get my sister, who we call Beanie, to come over this morning for oats, but she’s VERY particular about her eggs in the morning and ultimately chose them over oats 😦  I’ll keep working on her!  She did, however, take me up on my hike offer.

But first, breakfast…

Sorry about the shadows–it was so sunny and I couldn’t actually see the screen of my camera

Kept it simple–1/2 cup rolled oats made with 1/2 cup water + 1/2 cup almond milk (Silk brand, that I just bought this morning).  I added in slices of 1/2 banana (unwhipped today) and topped with Cascadian Farm Organic Dark Chocolate Almond Granola + PB & J!

‘Twas delicious 😀

Then into Boulder to hike up the Chautauqua Trail

Royal Arch

6 miles later and I was FAMISHED so we headed over to the Boulder Farmers Market to grab some lunch before it shut down at 2 o’clock.  Apparently hunger makes me forgetful because I forgot my camera in the car 😦 Excuse this horrible camera phone picture taken under a red tent (not good for pictures)!

This was from the Mod Market tent–Wintergreen Salad (I think that was the name) = mixed greens, goat cheese, potatoes, apples and a honey vinaigrette.  Goat cheese is so creamy and satisfying, yum.  Joey indulged in yet another burger and Beanie decided on the corn tamales, which are also delicious!

Successful Saturday in Boulder!

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