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“Needs more salt”

June 3, 2010

After jumping on the eliptical for the first time in a few months (trying to let the enormous blister on my foot from the Bolder Boulder heal by taking a break from running) I headed home to find a very hungry boyfriend.

“Beef, Cheese and Noodle Bake minus the Beef” – I have a beef with beef and after a 10-minute debate about whether to beef or not to beef I won.

Took some advice from The Edible Perspective and used shells instead of elbows which was Cooking Light’s suggestion and doesn’t it look 10x better than theirs?

I vote yes!  Shells are awesome at providing a cubby for all that melty cheese mmmm 🙂  Joey made fun of me for saying “it needs more salt” and said I should’ve used that as the name of my blog.  But really, it did need some salt!  Delicious otherwise, and we had tons of leftovers, success!–Joey is always looking for leftovers to bring to work for lunch.

On to breakfast this morning!

Mom picked me up a new cereal to try–Peace Cereal–Vanilla Crunch to be exact.  Loved seeing “organic” so many times in the ingredient list.

Loved the big flakes and giant granola clusters (whenever I eat Honey Bunches of Oats I waste 5 minutes digging through the box for the big bunches!).  Added a few strawberries and some banana slices = peaceful perfection!  Oats, you are delicious but sometimes a cold bowl of cereal really hits the spot.  Used up the rest of my vanilla almond milk 😦 MUST GET MORE!

Dinner will have to fit in somewhere between work and the ever-stressful moving of couches from one house to another :/ Can’t wait…

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