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Look How Far We’ve Come

December 28, 2011

Two years ago, I decided I would cook a 3-course dinner for Joey and I’s anniversary.

We cooked about once a week — yes, making Kraft mac and cheese and frozen chicken nuggets was totally cooking — so I figured I could pull it off.

I picked 3 Cooking Light recipes from their site. Wait, let me elaborate. I picked 3 Cooking Light recipes that I’d never tried before from their site. And one of them was a soufflé. Even now, I’m not really sure what a soufflé is, so why I thought I could make one when I had barely any cooking experience is beyond me. Let’s not add in the fact that I didn’t have oven-safe dishes to bake said soufflé in.

If memory serves correctly, this is how it all went down.

Course One: Zucchini Fries

Soggy, bland, nearly inedible and highly disappointing.

Course Two: Homemade Pizza

Okay, so I thought topping our own pizzas would be really fun. Little did I know someone was going to spend 20 minutes decorating their pie. Showoff. Did I mention I was hungry and losing all patience?

But really, the lengthy decorating time was nothing compared to how long it took the actual pizza to cook. Nowadays, I pre-bake my crust, then add the toppings and put it back in the oven. Two years ago, I didn’t have that all figured out. The toppings burned, but the crust was still extremely doughy.

Course Three: Chocolate Soufflé

It never rose. Or whatever a soufflé is supposed to do when you bake it.

I spent 10 minutes in tears on the phone with my mom. Our special night had become a giant kitchen disaster, with not even one successful dish. And I was still hungry (read: extra dramatic).

I ate raw pizza for dinner and felt like crud the rest of the night.

Flash forward to last Friday. I decided I would cook Joey and I a big ol’ Christmas feast. It would be like our very own Christmas celebration, complete with dinner, dessert, presents and a Christmas movie. No pressure.

But guess what. There wasn’t any pressure. I picked 5 dishes I know how to make, gave myself lots of time and ate a snack. That last part was key.

So instead of spending the night on the phone in tears, I spent it eating a heaping plate of delicious food and laughing at Scrooged like it was the first time I’d heard all the jokes and not like I have the entire movie memorized 😛


Then I gave Joey some chapstick for Christmas and he gave me a diamond bracelet.

I guess he’s still a show off 🙂

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  1. December 28, 2011 11:07 AM

    It’s fun to think about the old days when cooking wasn’t even an option! I really can’t even remember what I ate before I started cooking… pb and j? Mac from a box?
    Who knew cooking would be such a critical part of life.

  2. December 28, 2011 2:11 PM

    Haha I love the gifts! That is totally the hubster. We always pick out what we want for our big gift, then the stockings are totally up to the person buying. He always buys way too much for mine. I can’t get him to understand that a stocking is small meaningful stuff 🙂

  3. December 28, 2011 7:09 PM

    Haha I love the last line! 😀

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