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Winter Goals

December 7, 2010

Note: This post was supposed to publish this morning at 7.  Not cool, wordpress! Better late than never 🙂

I planned on posting my winter goals on December 1st but I forgot… Okay, fine, I hadn’t even made my list till the 3rd.  Consider this picure-free list as my Tuesday post as I have to get back to homework-ing.

Here it goes…

  1. Pop my own popcorn — can’t believe I haven’t already done this!
  2. Finish Gone with the Wind — remember how I started reading this over the summer and haven’t opened it since…
  3. Make Mama Pea’s Dough Balls
  4. Go snowshoeing
  5. Go to a holiday play
  6. Make my own seitan
  7. Go to yoga once a day for a week — I have a coupon for a week of unlimited classes and despite my honest intentions to go over fall break I never made it.  This will change!
  8. Get my glasses adjusted — I haven’t worn my regular glasses since last year because they’re crooked which makes sitting in the back of class quite an obstacle.  Joey is laughing out loud as I read this one.
  9. Donate the 2 bags of clothes that have been sitting in my room for…months!
  10. Run a winter race — this may require a great deal of bravery.
  11. Send my grandpa a Christmas card — and no, not just because I’m graduating and want $$ (although that would be nice too :P)
  12. Make almond butter.
  13. Be internet-free for an entire day — sad that this is actually a challenge for me.
  14. Homemade sandwich bread.
  15. Decorate a gingerbread house or gingerbread men cookies.

Perhaps I’ll add a few more as I think of them but that’s it for now.

It’s Tuessssday already!

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  1. December 7, 2010 8:50 PM

    Oh no! I set mine to publish at 7am every morning. My automatic twitter post screws up all the time, but at least the actual post goes up! Poor you!
    I plan do #12 too!! Woohoo!

  2. December 8, 2010 10:09 AM

    I love your December goals! Almost all of those should be on my list. #7 is something I HAVE to do. I pay for my membership to get free classes and don’t go! 😦

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