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Slap Happy

December 5, 2010

Let me preface this post by saying I do NOT like country music.  That being said, I love this song.

The chrous says “If I die young, bury me in satin.  Lay me down on a bed of roses,” but I’ve been saying “If I die young bury me in cashews.  Lay me down on a bed of oatmeal” ALL DAY.  Joey wants to kill me.

Clearly, I have not had enough sleep lately.

When we got back from standing in line I wanted something a little different for breakfast.  Sweet oatmeal did not sound good — I think the sweet pumpkin spice latte did me in — so eggs and an english muffin it was!

I needed to get out of the apartment and away from paper writing so we headed over to Whole Foods for some soup and decided to enjoy it in their cafe (?) area.

I had to do some tasting before I decided on a soup.

Joey enjoyed his potato and bacon soup with a mini baguette of french bread.  And almost finished it off — I was impressed!

I went with the vegan three bean chili and it was filling!

Joey snagged a sample of some peppermint ice cream on the way out but I was pretty sure I had no room for ice cream in my stomach so I snapped a pick and handed it back.

I drowned myself in paper writing once we got back and shot angry glances at Joey who was doing what I wanted to be doing, which was taking a nap.  At 4 I broke for a run and actually got to do so outside.  I probably went something like 3 miles with a few walking breaks.  When I got back I unsuccessfully tried to give myself a knee massage (massage talent apparently isn’t genetic) and found a spot that felt like a bruise, yet I couldn’t see anything and my knee didn’t hurt unless I poked that spot.  Weird…

Definitely taking the day off tomorrow.

Dinner (eaten in the car — don’t worry I wasn’t driving!) was Friday night’s pizza leftovers.  Beetza if you will.

This looks weird but I promise you it was delicious!! 

Golden beet slices + goat cheese + a drizzle of honey on pizza dough = recipe for perfection.

Next time I will:

A) Give myself more time to cook the beet.  I think I’m cursed when it comes to beet cooking.  I wrapped this one in foil and put it in the oven on 425* for 40 minutes and it was hard as a rock.  20 minutes later, still no progress so I sat on the kitchen floor with my hands over my face for 3 minutes (I had a BAD day on Friday and I was hungry, okay!!) then got in the shower and prayed that Joey would fix the problem while I was getting ready.  He ended up microwaving it in some water for ~15 minutes and it was soft but a little shriveled and hard to slice 😦

B) Spread the goat cheese on the crust before layering the beets.

Did I mention I got this granola sample while in line this morning??

I’m a little bit too excited about it.  Again, lack of sleep.

My car dinner was due to the fact that we were going to the Colorado Mammoth game (yes, that’s lacrosse) and I didn’t trust the Pepsi Center dining options.

I know one of these beautiful ladies — that’s why we went.  I’m a tough dance critic but I was really impressed by their performances 🙂

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to ignore the pile of dishes I’ve collected next to my desk and crash into bed.


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  1. December 5, 2010 8:02 AM

    Ooh I really like this song too. And I like your lyrics edits haha.

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