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“And then I died and went to heaven”

June 12, 2010
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Last night’s Rockies game was MISERABLE!  Rain, rain and more rain plus we made the awful mistake of sitting in it for about 20 minutes so my jacket was soaked and never dried = ice cube Lauren 😦 yuck!  At least we won, right?

Anyways, due to weather conditions my sister (who came to the game with us) decided to just spend the night and the next morning SHE offered to make ME breakfast.  She made me her “usual” which also happens to be the same thing my dad eats every morning — eggs with tortillas and salsa.  Interesting fact #1 about my dad: he used to eat oats every morning (I didn’t know!) but he felt they made him sleepy and now he has eggs because protein gives him a jump start in the morning.

My first cup of Bhakti Chai — my dad goes through a jar a day!  It was a little too spiced up for my taste (even mixed with half a cup of water and a little coconut milk!) but it was growing on me by the time I had almost finished.

We each ate one of each

Simple and delicious.  It really hit the spot — oats didn’t sound good this morning, gasp!

After spending a few hours cuddling up with our beloved chihuahua and watching Lady Gaga videos I suggested that we go pick up some bread from the Great Harvest Bread Company.  I’ve been dying to go and their bakery happens to be down the street from my parent’s condo.

We both sampled the Cinnamon Chip bread and ended leaving with a loaf each.

It’s so doughy, soft and sweet!!  We toasted some slices up and ate them alongside a fruit salad I threw together.  My sister’s exact words: “And then I died and went to heaven!” Mmmm, I bet we have no trouble finishing this loaf 🙂  We were planning on making pizza later this week so when I saw pizza dough on the menu at Great Harvest I obviously bought some.

Perfect eats for a rainy day 😀  Off to see Ironman 2, followed by dinner!

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