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Turning Two

June 19, 2012

Oopsie, guess who forgot their blog anniversary.

Surprise, it was me.

One of the things I love most about having a blog, is that I can look back on things that have happened.  And I do this a lot.  Not because I’m stuck in the past (because lord knows I’m usually stuck planning for the future), but because it can be really fun, helpful and eye-opening.

It’s funny, when I wrote my blog anniversary post last year, I felt like the whole year had been sunshine and butterflies.  This year, however, was definitely not.  And you know what?  That’s okay.  Being human means having to struggle sometimes.

So maybe it took moving twice, but now I have an apartment that really feels like ours.

And maybe it meant having a total identity crisis, but graduating college and working at the mall definitely gave me a reality check.

And made me really appreciate my college experience, even if I didn’t join a sorority, or graduate at the top of my class or figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my degree.

And maybe it took having a soul-sucking job and two months of being terrifyingly unemployed but now I have a job I kinda like.

And that gives me an excuse to shop for nice clothes 😛

And maybe it took training for and running a half marathon to make me realize I don’t want to run one this year, and to realize that running when your heart isn’t in it, just isn’t worth it.

And that goes for all things, not just running.

And maybe it took not having to read, to make me realize just how much I miss reading when it’s not part of my daily agenda.

And maybe it took going outside my comfort zone, but I realized I’m capable of some things I never thought I was capable of.

Baking with yeast is definitely one of those things.  And maybe this deserves its own post, but I seriously feel like I’ve broken out of my shell this year.  And for someone who has been shy all her life, this is huge.

And maybe it took some butter and sugar and a lot of letting go, but I found a balance between healthy living and giving in to treats.  And this project really helped me discover a writing style that felt 100% genuine, honest and real.

And maybe it took some guts, but I’m so glad I wrote this post.

And maybe it wasn’t the most responsible decision, considering I was jobless and running low on money, but I don’t regret this vacation for a single second.

Or really any experience that brings me closer to my family.

And maybe it took a misshapen pizza, a gnocchi disaster and flat cookies to realize not every recipe can turn out perfect and the ones that don’t usually make for a better story and sometimes taste like a masterpiece anyways.

And lastly, I’d like to think my photos have gotten better too 🙂

So regardless of whether this blogging year was perfect or not, I’m so glad I took the time to write about it all.


From the Weekend

June 18, 2012

I hope you all had a productive but relaxing and fun weekend.  And I fully believe it can be both relaxing and productive at the same time.  Aaaand, I hope you got to celebrate Father’s Day!

I managed to do all of those things.  It’s amazing how busy the weekends can feel sometimes so I was happy to have a Saturday with nothing planned and no obligations, except to sleep in.  And 7:45 it totally sleeping in these days.  I feel old, wah wah.

I managed to make it to the Farmers’ Market to splurge on organic cherries plus I had to get some garlic scapes.  I lucked out because the lady I bought these from told me this would be the last week they had any.

Also made it to Target to buy a certain someone a birthday gift.  No, it wasn’t Joey.  My niece is 1 today!

Ended Saturday with date night at Bonefish.  I may have frightened our waitress when she said “Would you like to start with some Bang Bang Shr–” and I basically screamed yes before she even finished the sentence.

We were really tempted to just take a nap in the car, but ended up making it to see Snow White and the Huntsmen instead.  For a movie starring Kristen Stewart, the movie was pretty good.

As for Father’s Day, my mom cooked.

Joey took a sudden interest in reading and spent 10 minutes trying to bounce a grape into my mouth.

My sister wore a cowboy hat.

My dad laughed hysterically over my post to him.  Guess he liked it!

And I took candid pictures of it all.

Birthday festivities followed.

I’m still wondering why it isn’t socially acceptable to look like this on your birthday as an adult.

And did you know 1-year old birthday parties are just an excuse for everyone to act like a kid?

Now it’s Monday and just looking at weekend pictures makes me sad.  Here’s to hoping the next 5 days fly by.


What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever seen/heard of/used garlic scapes?

When’s the last time you acted like a kid?

To My Dad

June 17, 2012

Who can’t be on time anywhere ever.

Who sings the same line of the same song over and over and over to himself.

Who has hundreds of emails in his inbox at all times.  Really, hundreds.

Who makes a trip to Whole Foods on a daily basis.

Who might have more clothes and shoes than the three females in the family.

Who cannot seem to figure out the whole cut and paste thing on the computer.

Who once microwaved a fork and ruined 3 electric tea kettles by trying to use them on the stove.

Who may not be the best driver.  Okay, who definitely isn’t the best driver.

Who is my ultimate source of Beatles knowledge.

Who loves tea and gets extremely cranky when he’s hungry.  Like father, like daughter.  Or rather, daughters.

Who has the best “when I was younger” stories.

Who considers most things to be finger foods.

Dad, you are a true original.  And I love you.

Happy Father’s Day!

Round Up: Straight From My Phone

June 15, 2012

Wanna know what the best thing since sliced bread is?

Sliced cinnamon raisin swirl bread.  I picked up a fresh out of the oven loaf of this bread on Saturday and was tortured by the smell of it the  Every time I eat a bite, I die and go to heaven.  Every time.

So yeah, cinnamon raisin swirl bread wins, but the photo stream feature on my laptop comes in at a close second.  That means any picture I take on my phone automatically and magically appears on my computer.  No cords or uploading time.  I don’t even have to lift a finger.  Well, except the finger I’m using to take the picture.

I managed to gather quite the collection of phone pictures while my camera was MIA last week, so here, let me unload them on you.

I told Joey we have to stop going to Biker Jim’s every week or it’s going to lose it’s allure.

Margaritas, on the other hand, will never lose their allure.  But I could do without the $7 price tag.

How good is iced chai?! So so good.  Especially when you haven’t had one in months and forget just how good it is.  What a pleasant surprise.

Sometimes a man just needs his custard, okay!

And sometimes you get to catch a beautiful sunset over the mountains on your way home from an emergency custard trip.

Wanna know what’s even better than homemade lasagna?  Homemade lasagna that you didn’t have to home make.

The same goes for steak salads.  Pretty sure Joey spent an hour and a half on this dinner and it paid off.  Especially for me, since I basically sat like a lump on the couch the entire time he slaved away in the kitchen.

My sister bought herself a new bike and gave me her old one.  Which isn’t really old.  I insist on saying “Let’s ride bikes” every time I use it because that’s the exact sentence we used almost everyday as kids.  Not “let’s ride our bikes” or even “let’s go on a bike ride,” but “let’s ride bikes.”

Last week we sat next to this team at bowling.  They yelled “TIMBER” every time one of them bowled a strike.  Why didn’t our team think of this?!

Taco night is the best.  Nuff said.

Joey is a freak and bought a house at 20 years old.  Take a minute to wrap your head around that sentence.  I’m still struggling to understand it.  Anyways, he’s been at his house building a deck for his renter for the past few days and I felt I could at least help by bringing over dinner.

I’m trying to ignore the fact that my state is on fire and focus on other things.  Like how peaceful the Boulder creek was on Saturday morning.

Used my last pound of crabmeat to make crab cake sliders.  It was the highlight of my Saturday and now I don’t know how I’ll survive without a stash of crab in my freezer.  Crossing my fingers that my uncle reads this post and just sends me some more…

Even though she’s hot and mad at me for making her go on a walk in 90 degree weather, this little girl still makes me so happy.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have half a loaf of cinnamon raisin swirl bread to finish.

A Journal Project

June 13, 2012

I wrote this post months ago, but it was important to me, so I’ve been taking my sweet time getting it just right.  I finally think it’s ready!


My sister took a communications class this past semester.  Part of the class, was a project in which you had to find a partner and journal with them.  Meaning the teacher provided 4 sets of seven questions, 3 of which you had to pick to discuss with your partner and journal the conversations throughout the semester.

I’m sure a lot of students picked friends and considering how close my sister is to my both of my parents, I expected her to pick one of them.  But she picked me.  And a semester later, I’m so so grateful that she did.

We talked about insecurities, happy memories, future fears and lots and lots about our family.  My sister and I are close.  Always have been, and always will be, but if possible, I felt that this project brought us closer.  How often do you sit down with your sibling and have a open and honest conversation with them?  As close as my sister and I are, I wouldn’t say that’s something we’ve ever spent much time doing, but this project forced us to and so many interesting and heartwarming things came out of it.

I’ve always admired my sister’s strong sense of self, her passion and seriously, her hair, but now I was actually saying those things to her face instead of just thinking them in my head and she was giving me the same honesty and it was truly beautiful.  We got to hash out fights we’d had recently and never really got closure on and we got to laugh about fights way in the past where fists may have been involved or doors may have been broken…

And we got to laugh and maybe learn how to communicate with each other just a little better.  Bringing us just a little closer.  And making us feel a lot happier.  Maybe I’m biased, but there’s no bond quite like the bond between sisters.  It’s like being given a life long best friend.  Who has to forgive you even when you slam her door so hard, you break it.


Have you ever had an assignment like this?

What kind of relationship do you have with your sibling(s)?

What Not To Do With Your Electronic Devices

June 11, 2012

Peeling myself away from Teen Momathon long enough to let you in on a little secret.

I have bad luck with electronic devices.  Hi, I’m the girl who went through at least 5 hot pink razor phones.  Remember those??  And after my most recent laptop mishap, I think it’s time I set some ground rules for myself.

1. Do not unknowingly drop your cell phone in a parking lot.

And unknowingly leave it there for a week.  I seriously did this in high school and miraculously someone turned it in to the lost and found.  Even more miraculously… it still worked!!  I just couldn’t see the screen or make outgoing calls.  No big deal.

Most miraculously, I went a week without caring where my cell phone was.  Whooooa.  That would not happen nowadays.  I doubt I could go even two hours.

2. Do not balance your phone on top your glass of water and try to carry it.

Especially if you just woke up and are walking to your bathroom in the dark.

Note that this demonstration involves no actual water.

You’ll be surprised to know that no matter how fast you snatch a phone out of a full glass of water, it’s still completely destroyed.

3. Do not forget that your phone is sitting on your lap when you go to get out of the car.

You’re extra unlucky if you do forget and the gutter you parked next to happens to be full of water.  I’m extra unlucky.

Rice couldn’t even save this one.

This rule also applies to gloves.

4. Do not hold your phone over a bowl of soup while trying to take a picture.

And it was absolutely this bowl of soup that I dropped my iPhone in.

I’m talking fully submerged.  And it was completely fine.  I was bound to get lucky during one of this incidents.

5. And most importantly… do not mix your very new very expensive Macbook and a full glass of water.

Lest you should accidentally knock the glass over.  Turns out accident or not, it still costs $800.  OUUUUCH.

And while these have never personally happened to me, I can also confirm that phones and toilets don’t mix, phones and drunken fights don’t mix and laptops and beer don’t mix.

And here’s a riddle for you: How many Apple “geniuses” does it take to unlock the cage they’re keeping your lap top in?  Apparently more than were in the store on Thursday evening.  They had better luck on Friday.

Happy Monday, friends!


What electronic device mishaps have you had?

Saying Goodbye

June 7, 2012

Goooood morning.

I’ll tell you, it’s amazing what an extra half an hour of sleep can do for you.  I feel like a new person today.

If you thought this post was going to explain my resignation from the blog world, you’re wrong.  So so wrong.  Actually, it’s my so long to winter/spring weather and my very excited hello to full-fledged summer.  On Monday it was 94 degrees.  Ninety-four.  I talked to someone in Georgia yesterday and they told me it wasn’t even that hot there!  Oh, it’s on, summer.

So goodbye freak spring snowstorms, cold mornings, hot tea cravings and indoor treadmill running.

Hello bright glorious sunshine.


Goodbye piping hot soup and hello big colorful salads.

IMG_2270 In other news, I just remembered how delicious this salad is and how I need to make again as soon as possible.

Goodbye cozy nights in watching movies and hello outdoor festivals.


Goodbye big heavy butternut squash and hello fresh juicy summer fruit.


Goodbye big bulky jackets and hello swimsuits and pool time.


Goodbye cooped up weekends and hello trips to the Farmers’ Market.


Goodbye coffee cravings and hello smoothie-making sprees.


Goodbye holiday season and hello birthday season… as in next month it’s my mom, my brother and my birthday!


There’s just something about your birthday season, isn’t there?  You’re predestined to love it.  And love it, I do!

Happy Thursday, friends.  We just have to make it through two more days!


What’s your favorite part of summer?

What parts of winter/spring are you most excited to say goodbye to?

Is your birthday season your favorite?