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Sneak Peek: Puppy Edition

January 26, 2011

I spent my morning stirring oats with one hand and making a pesto quiche with one and hand and snapping pictures with one hand.

Why all the one-handedness?  My left arms was full of warm sleepy puppy.

When Andi/Lucille/Minnie/Nola/Penny isn’t being held she’s:

A. Whinning

B. Sleeping on the kitchen floor, which happens to be the same color as she is

C. Whinning

It’s a good thing she’s cute and light.

Stay tuned for some veggie burger and quiche goodness!

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  1. January 26, 2011 7:16 AM

    Whose puppy is that? She’s sooo cute! She looks like she has some terrier in her – what kind is she?

  2. January 26, 2011 9:12 AM

    you got a puppy???? so cute!

    And you look really beautiful in that photo!

    • January 30, 2011 2:00 PM

      Gee thanks, Shanna! It’s not my puppy, it’s my mom’s but I’m been doing my fair share of puppy-sitting so she might as well be mine.

  3. January 26, 2011 1:59 PM

    Whaaaaaaaaa cuteness overload 😀

  4. January 26, 2011 7:26 PM

    Ahhhhhh……sooooo freaking cute! What an adorable puppy! 🙂

  5. January 31, 2011 5:16 PM

    a dachshund!!! how precious! they are the best! enjoy her! and what about mini for a name? 🙂

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