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Call me Clumsy

January 5, 2011

Despite my best attempts to get Joey to call me Lady Dorsey (I’m in Pride and Prejudice mode), I must admit that Clumsy would be a more fitting name.

Yesterday, it was a bottle of olive oil and today it really was spilled milk.  Chocolate almond milk to be exact.

It went from a delicious chocolate frozen banana smoothie…

To a huge mess that had me using some not so lady Dorsey like language. 

I did what any mature 21-year old would do; snapped a picture and called for Joey.  He scrubbed while I continued to lament and hurried off to yoga.  The last class of my free week 😦  Reflections to come so watch out for a double post today!

Once back home I downed some figgy Greek yogurt.  It was thick!

Then showered and packed up a day’s worth of food.  I was heading to work at noon then to a food seminar right afterwards so I had to have lunch, dinner and snacks on hand.

Thank goodness for leftovers.  We made Mama Pea’s Pho Soup a couple nights ago so I was good to go on dinner.

Modifications we made:

  • doubled the recipe
  • 4 carrots instead of 1
  • 3 T soy sauce instead of 4
  • didn’t double the amount of noodles (believe me, there was plenty)

And for lunch I made up a big salad, complete with 1/2 a field roast grain sausage (crumbled), goat cheese (also crumbled), pieces of apple and leftover pan-roasted brussel sprouts from last nights dinner, which was…INCREDIBLE.  Make it, I beg of you.

Anyways, back to the salad.

This seemed like such a random mix but those random salads always turn out so good.  It definitely hit the spot.

Drizzled in balsamic, honey, salt, pepper and safflower oil.

And in case you were wondering, I managed to salvage my healthy banana cranberry oat bars and they turned out great.  I had Joey taste one as soon as he came home, which happened to be right as they were cooling down, and he replied with “Best thing ever!” 

They taste like a cross between a granola bar and banana bread.  What a combination.

The best part about these bars was that I had everything on hand.  Score!  The only change I made was to use half the amount of sugar since I only had sweetened coconut (the recipe calls for unsweetened).

I packed myself one for a snack at work, along with some dates, half an apple and an orange.

Let’s hope I make it thorugh today without making any messes…


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  1. January 5, 2011 11:02 AM

    Booo for spilling milk! I’m glad you didn’t cry though. 🙂

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