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Christmas Leftovers

December 28, 2010

Christmas may be over but it’s left behind lots of fun toys/food that I can still use.

Did I mention I got a cuisanart?

Oh right, I did.  Well I’m still excited about it!  You better believe I whipped this out of the box and put it to use shortly after opening it.

Sunday morning I woke up ready to use some of my new presents.

Like tea.

And a tea bag squeezer.  This has already made my life a million times better.

Then I got to work on some oats.  I wasn’t all that hungry but I needed to try out my new coconut butter and hazelnut butter.

Goodness!  I have mixed feelings about coconut but this butter is absolutely delicious!!

Also topped with granola and a few dark chocolate covered cashews, which were a gift from my sister.  Love them and her!

I pestered Joey about getting me these C & B spoons for months.  I’m slightly excited to eat everything with them.

Apart from the tiny blue spoon, yesterday morning’s breakfast was less exciting.  Probably because we were completely out of bananas.  Don’t worry, I’ve restocked since.

Topped with peanuts, coconut butter (which is completely melted in the picture) and crumbles of my pumpkin spice muffin from breakfast on Christmas eve.

Christmas has also left behind some food which I’m desperately trying to eat in creative ways.

Okay, so I had this last week and maybe it’s not really creative but I’m pretending it is.

Mixed greens tossed in tahini dressing + stuffing.

Plus leftover sweet potato casserole.

Delicious lunch? Check!

In other non-food related news, Joey and I went on a 4.2 mile run yesterday and although I was moaning and groaning about going Joey assured me I would feel better once we got started and he was right.  I needed a good run after a few days without exercising. 

And we saw The Nutcracker at the opera house in Denver.  Is it just me or is that story really weird?  Anyways, we had a great time and there were some really amazing dancers 🙂

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