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Up till 2

December 2, 2010

I had been dreading Wednesday night for weeks but eventually I had to face the music.  The music being me having to work at the library till 2 A.M.

Dear college students, please study at normal hours and stop cramming so I don’t have to watch over you during absurd hours of the morning.  Thank you, Lauren.

To prepare for my late night extravaganza I did a few things.

#1 I powered up with a filling breakfast.

Thanks to Joey I woke up with a 4 pound bag of rolled oats and didn’t have to eat yesterday’s gloop again.

1/4 cup Silk Nog went into the oats and I could just barely taste it.  I think I’ll save the rest for plain drinking purposes.

I haven’t had banana on top of my oats in a while, it was fun!  Also on top was peanut butter, pumpkin granola (new!) and some cake crumbs.  I’ll have to ask Hannah what kind of cake it was again but it sure was gooood 🙂

#2 Packed the rest of last night’s improv dinner.

We had soup on the menu but I was NOT feeling it so Joey went with leftovers and I made up a big ‘ol salad complete with spinach, dried cranberries, fig, apple and a honey and balsamic dressing.

Then I threw some pumpkin spice roasted chickpeas in the oven.  Recipe from Mama Pea.

Joey was jealous.  He told me so.  About 4 times.

#3 Load up on caffeine.

Okay, this looks a little extreme but really it was only one grande soy salted hot chocolate + espresso that I divided in two and added milk to each.  One for before work and one for later if I need it!

So delicious.

#4 Pack a nutricious dinner to make up for that sugary drink (refer to #3).

I may have squealed in delight when I read Angela’s post on vegan mac and cheese.  This is a combination of my two favorite things: mac and cheese and a good vegan cooking challenge.

Let me just say this vegan cheese sauce is good.  Really really good.  I was semi disappointed because baking the mac and cheese dried it out significantly.  Next time I don’t think I’ll bake it, although I’ll definitely miss the baked breadcrumbs…

Overall, it was still pretty darn good and I love the fact that it has not one, not two, but three veggies hidden in the sauce.

And as if that wasn’t enough we paired it with some broiled asparagus when I first made this dish on Monday night.

Word to the wise, if you double it your fridge will be exploding with mac and cheese leftovers for the next week and a half (or so I’m guessing).

#5 Pack enough snacks to feed the entire library.

In my bag:

  • an entire jar of peanut butter — not because I plan on eating it all but because I was too lazy to portion it out 😛
  • “Social Crackers” — purchased at TJ’s when we were in California in July
  • 3 dates
  • 1/2 a banana
  • 3/4 honeycrisp apple

Yeah, I think I’m prepared.

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  1. December 2, 2010 7:32 AM

    Two days a week I work night shifts and I still find it so hard figuring out what to eat all day and all night. I can’t do caffeine so that entire jar of peanut butter doesn’t sound too far fetched in my lunch bag 😉
    That pasta looks so good and I’m definitely going to have to make the roasted chickpeas!

  2. December 2, 2010 10:51 AM

    Okay that blows that you have to work at the library until 2 AM – I’m sorry for you!!!

  3. December 2, 2010 12:54 PM

    Work till 2am?! Yikes, that sucks 😦

    Roasted chickpeas look incredible!!!


  4. December 2, 2010 6:52 PM

    I have been coveting mac n cheese for months now and I need to just make myself a big@ss bowl and be done with it 😉

  5. squigglefloey permalink
    December 2, 2010 11:06 PM

    I just got some social crackers from TJs– LOVE!
    And what a great idea to split up a starbucks drink! — to make it last longer and more importantly to get more for your $ 🙂

    • December 4, 2010 12:30 PM

      Aren’t the crackers good?! So buttery and delicious, just how the perfect cracker is supposed to taste.


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