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Soup Sunday

October 25, 2010

We have a new Sunday night tradition, known only as “Soup Sunday” but you’ll have to wait till the end of the post for that.

Sundays are best when they involve going out to breakfast with your family.  Especially when the restaurant is one you’ve been hearing about for months!

Lucile’s Creole Cafe? Say no more, I’m there.

There’s four locations, all in Colorado, Boulder obviously being the closest but we figured like everything else in Boulder, it would be crowded so we headed into Longmont.  No wait?  I think it’s safe to say we made a wise location choice.

An order of beignets was brought out.

Despite being covered in powder sugar, I didn’t think these were sweet enough for my liking.  If I’m going to eat a donut the dough better be sweet.  I passed this on to my mom.

House Spice Tea on the side.  Whoa, spice is right!

I ordered the Eggs New Orleans.

Fried eggplant, creole sauce, poached eggs and hollandaise, which I had them hold.  For some reason I’m not a fan of that sauce, yuck!  Oh and potatoes and a giant BUTTERY biscuit on the side.

Did you know they put parsley on your plate so you can eat it post-meal to sweeten your breath?  I had no idea, but my mom assured me it’s true.

Sampled this and brought the rest home.

Side note: The little kid at the table next to us brought his butternut squash to breakfast.  I thought this was too funny!!

I would like to pretend I went home and got some reading out of the way but we all know I saved that for the very end of the night.  Plus I was busy meal planning/grocery list writing!

Around 2 I realized it was one of those “I need a classic PB&J” days and made one up for lunch.

This Rudi’s Organic Country White Bread has a weird texture… Almost like it’s not bread…

We made a trip to the grocery and okay, fine, I did some reading and then it was time to scoop out some more pumpkins.  We will have roasted pumpkin seeds for the rest of FOREVER.

I’m sure you know by now what we made for dinner.

Chili in Pumpkin Bowls (compliments of Emily)


  • Nixed the butternut — because I didn’t want to cut it open and because we have a butternut on the menu for tonight already
  • Used a tri-bean blend instead of black beans — I think the can came with kidney, pinto and black
  • Put the chili in the pumpkins and returned to the oven for 40 minutes instead of 45-60 minutes — there was no butternut to cook so I thought it was safe to cook for a shorter amount of time, plus I was HUNGRY

Oh yum.  Emily is a genius because eating out out of a pumpkin couldn’t have been more fun 🙂  The pumpkin softens up so you can scoop it out with your chili — like a bread bowl but much better for you!

Despite that I woke up at 5:30, drove to work in the dark, had leftover chili spill in my school bag and and had 2 co-workers show up to work WAYYYY late I’m in a pretty good mood.  For a Monday, especially!

Hope your in good spirits today too 🙂


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  1. October 25, 2010 10:38 AM

    I am so envious of your chili bowl. Looks fantastic!!

  2. October 25, 2010 9:00 PM

    Beignets!! I so want to drive into the city now! I live about 40 minutes north of New Orleans. We have the best food! Was the retaurant owned by someone from the area that now lives in Colorado? You have to get beignets from Cafe Dumonde….they have soo much powdered sugar on them you will not even think they aren’t sweet enough.

    • October 26, 2010 9:00 AM

      Helen, my mom is from New Orleans so I’ve definitely tried beignets from Cafe Du Monde!! I think they’ve ruined me for life because nothing else quite compares. I’m not sure who owns the restaurant but it would make sense that they came from NO.

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