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Off to a Rocky Start

July 12, 2010

My Sunday run was less than great.  Although I love Joey and enjoy running with him I KNOW he’s capable or running faster and farther than me — in fact his run totaled to 11 miles, he just ran the first 4 with me — so sometimes I feel a little inadequate in his presence.  Such is how I felt when I needed a break after 2 miles.  I then proceeded to have a mental breakdown that went something like this:

“I’m never gonna be able to run 13 miles”

“I’m done, I’m never running again”

Sit on path and cry… yes, this actually happened.  I don’t know what came over me, I just totally lost my confidence and was so disappointed in myself later because I know I can run at least 6.2 miles and I shouldn’t be embarrassed to take however many breaks as I need, even in the presence of a marathon runner (or trainer at least).

The Good News:

After regaining control over my emotions I was able to bust out a perfect negative split

  • Mile 1 – 9:38
  • Mile 2 – 9:09
  • Mile 3 – 9:00
  • Mile 4 – 8:54
  • Total Time – 36:41

I wasn’t going to admit my bad run, but I figured if I can’t be honest here, where can I?  We all have a bad run sometimes.  It’s just best to confront it and get over it.  There’s always a new chance to redeem myself 🙂

Dinner the night before was super simple.  Brown rice, chickpeas, sweet & sour, salsa, mix and dig in!

Upon first taste, this wasn’t my favorite dish, but it ended up growing on me and by the end Joey and I decided we both really liked it and thought it would be a great post-long run/race meal

“The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Run” was followed by a cupcake photo shoot Joey’s mom, Lori, makes me cupcakes every year for my birthday 🙂  She’s too sweet.  Joey took it upon himself to eat the first one — what happened to the Birthday Girl eats first rule?

Let me tell you about my current obsession with steel cut oats.  Better yet, let me show you…

That’s yesterday and today’s breakfast, repspectively.  Both steel-cut, both mixed with peach jam and blueberries and topped with Just Bunches.  Today’s oats were plated and additionally topped with PB and cocoa nibs.  I have been looking all over for Scottish oats because I hear they are even creeeamier than steel-cut, but no such luck yet 😦  Oh well, s-c have sooo been hitting the spot lately and keeping me full for hours!

Dinner last night wasn’t eaten till ~8:30 — I swear it just keeps getting later and later!

Goat Cheese on sale for $2.50 = corn & goat cheese quesadillas!+ black beans on the side

Corn & Goat Cheese Quesadillas:

  • Cook 1 large ear of corn and cut off kernels
  • Cook kernels in a skillet over med. heat until they start to brown
  • Remove kernels and mix with 4 oz. goat cheese
  • Divide evenly among 3 or 4 tortillas and spread
  • Add ~1.5T salsa
  • Top with remaining 3 or 4 tortillas and cook in a pan until just browned
  • Flip and brown on the other side
  • Top with ~1T of salsa and serve with beans

We only had enough tortillas to make 3 so I had one and Joey attempted to have 2, but only made it through 1 1/2.  Yes, they were really filling!

We finished out our Sunday by watching Food, Inc.  It was really shocking and disturbing to see how the food industry works in America.  It will definitely open your eyes and encourage you to think about where you buy your food from and what kinds of products to buy, i.e. organic, GMO-free, in season.  If you haven’t already I urge you to check this movie out!

And now I must leave you to retrieve my new license at the DMV, groan.  Do you hate going to the DMV as much as I do?

P.S. Look what I found — new Larabar flavors!!

Happy Monday!

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  1. July 12, 2010 7:49 PM

    Steel cut oats are by far my favorite. For reals…

    And no worries about the bad run. I’ve been having quite a few mental breakdowns in my head during the long runs, too. I swear, 90% of it is a mental struggle more than anything else!

  2. July 12, 2010 10:50 PM

    Your steel cut oats and blueberries look amazing! I think I will have that tomorrow for breakfast.

  3. July 13, 2010 3:49 AM

    I’m prety sure by those splits that was NOT a bad run! Those were some good times girlie! I had a bad long run on Saturday…. uggh it was horrible. I wanted to die. And YES you CAN run 13 miles. If I can, anyone can. 🙂

    • July 13, 2010 4:06 AM

      Thanks Chelsey 🙂 I read about your bad run but was inspired by your make-a-smoothie-and-get-over-it attitude!

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