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I feel like an old lady!

June 29, 2010

DEFINITELY did too many lunges yesterday and totally paid for it on my 3-mile run!  Thank goodness it’s only week 1 of training and I don’t have any particularly difficult runs to get through. 

Last nights dinner seemed sparse but it was actually pretty filling…Shrimp Tacos!

I would be lost without this nifty tool for cutting cilanto, parsley, basil, etc.  It actually belongs to my mom but I’ve been coveting it for about a year without her noticing…shhhh

The only complaint I had about these (besides wishing we had more of the filling) was that we used flour tortillas instead of corn which is what the recipe called for.  We have SO many flour tortillas, we just couldn’t justify buying corn 😦

Do these babies look fresh or what?  Believe me they TASTED fresh.  If Mexican restaurants tasted this fresh I might like them a little more…

Hey, a beer I actually like! 

I was already feeling super sore by the end of the night 😦 but managed to get through my run with Joey at my side.  The image of a creamy bowl of oats definitely got me through that last mile (and I even ended with a sprint) and when I burst into the apartment I found… no electricity.  And with no electricity there shall be no oats.  Lucky for me the power came on around 8:30 and stayed on just long enough to whip up a quick bowl of oats 🙂

I cooked the oats in a half cup water/half cup vanilla hemp milk and was sadly disappointed by the hemp flavor/smell.  I don’t know how to describe it but it was not an enjoyable fragrance.  I’ll be sticking to vanilla almond milk from now on (although I still wanna try oat milk).

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST TRY THESE GRAHAM CRACKERS!!!!!  They were PHENOMENAL in my oats.  They soak up the liquid in the oats and get nice and soft, plus the taste is AWESOME — just the right amount of sweet and cinammony.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about them, droooolllllll

After coming to terms with not being able to blow dry or straighten my hair, I tossed together a lunch with VEGGIES — so good to have extras on hand again 🙂 Let’s hope the electricity came back on soon after I left so the veggies don’t get hot in the fridge…

Romaine + yellow bell pepp + carrot + roasted red pepper hummus AND roasted garlic hummus — I’m on SUCH a hummus kick lately, can you tell?

Funny Story Time:  I got an invite from my friend Claire to meet her for dinner tonight and when I asked Joey if he could fend for himself for a night he exclaimed “YES, I’M GONNA EAT A STEAK!!!!” Gee, is he insinuating that I deprive him of meat?  Okay, maybe I do…

Wish me luck on finalizing/perfecting a recipe for Banana Bread Pudding Coffee Cake I found a few minutes ago! 

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  1. June 30, 2010 7:20 AM

    Can I tell you how excited I am that you made the grahams??? Because I am!!! More people need to make them 🙂 They are so delicious and really pretty easy to make! mmmm Lunges will make anyone feel like an old lady!

    • June 30, 2010 1:56 PM

      I have been wanting to make them for soooo long!!! They’re my favorite oatmeal topping right now. EVERYONE should make them, they’re super easy to make! Thanks for the awesome recipe 😀

  2. June 30, 2010 11:57 AM

    Mmm where is the Graham recipe? Would love to make!

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