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Tempting Tempeh

June 22, 2010

My first experience eating tempeh was a little disappointing.  We cooked in into a curry dish but I kept adding salt to boost up the flavor of the tempeh.  After eating that mouth-watering tempeh burger from Avo’s I decided to give cooking it on my own another try.

TLT Sandwich from 101 Cookbooks

I marinated the tempeh before leaving for school so it had all day to soak up flavors of the brown sugar, soy sauce and adobo sauce — it was SUPER tasty!

Slice the cherry tomatoes in half, season with olive oil and brown sugar and pop them in the oven on 350 for ~45 minutes.  I wanted to leave mine in the oven for longer so they would shrink up more but the 45 minutes was up and I was STARVING so out they came.

The tempeh just needs to be cooked in a pan for a few minutes on each side — I just waited till I was sure it was hot on the inside.  Then I mashed half an avocado and popped 3 slices of bread in the toaster (I wanted my open face, but next time I’ll eat it closed face so as to avoid the mess I made by dropping tomatoes all over the couch!).  Layering went as follows: bread, avocado, lettuce, tomaotes, tempeh, tomatoes.

Every ingredient in this sandwich was packed with flavor, yet they all meshed really well together.  The tempeh had a spicy kick and the tomatoes were just sweet enough, it was awesome 😀

Paired with kiwi, blackberries and raspberries, mmm fresh fruit in the summer!

Joey went closed-face (and still made a mess, he he)

I fell asleep dreaming of the two “Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion Cupcakes” I had left in the fridge and woke up knowing I had to have one on my oats.  But first, a 4-mile run done in 30 minutes!!  I wore Joey’s Garmin and couldn’t believe I was running at such a fast pace.  My best mile was #3 @ 8:35.  For comparison most my miles in the Bolder Boulder were ~10:30 so I was super proud of myself this morning.  I deserved these dessert oats!

With Mixed Berry Compote and some blazing morning sun.

Off to continue week 4 of my 5 week long summer class!

Please enjoy this email sent to me by my uncle, concerning the trip I’ll be taking to New Orleans in August.

I noticed on your blog that most, if not all of your “Good Food” is healthy food…sorry, but that will not be the case with this itinerary. It includes a lot of butter, and deep fried batter, and generally things that taste really good but will eventually kill you. It can include running, which is how I offset the diet-related increased mortality rate down here.

With that in mind, I fully expect you to include something from this trip on your blog…and not a watered down candy-ass Colorado version!

How do you eat when you’re on vacation?  I try not to go too crazy but when in Rome!

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