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Fun with Fruit

June 17, 2010

I had thee funnest breakfast this morning!!  And you will have to wait till the end of this post to see what it was, muahaha 😀

First, let’s talk dinner.  Curry Chicken with Mango and to be perfectly honest I wasn’t really that excited.  A main dish of meat has not sounded appetizing for quite some time now but due to boyfriend begging I gave in and served up some chicken.

The recipe instructs you to mix a few ingredients, coat the chicken and let stand in the fridge for an hour.  This was perfect because it meant time for a quick run in between.  I’ve been running in the morning, so the afternoon heat (even at 6 pm) was a bit of a shock.  Despite the heat, the run was surprisingly pleasant and we clocked 3 miles at 29 minutes, my fastest ever!!

An hour later and dinner was served

Not to shabby.  The sauce was mango blended with plain Greek yogurt, and I couldn’t stop eating spoonfuls of it! — this will definitely be eaten as a snack sometime soon.

Okay, okay enough about dinner.  Let’s get to the good stuff!  Anyone ever eat this as a kid??

It was BRIGHT blue and the eggs hatched into sea creatures when you added hot water.  My sister, Hannah and I were just reminiscing about eating this as kids.  I was so sad when it was quickly discontinued 😦  It was the inspiration for my oats this morning…

What do you see (besides a blob of blended blueberry goo)?  It reminds me of the cover of my Jane Eyre.

All mixed in and topped with PB and Just Bunches


Nothing like odd colored food to put you in a good mood!  Hope you’re as entertained as I was.  Oh, by the way, these tasted AWESOME!  They were SUPER creamy because I made them with all vanilla almond milk, no water.  It tasted like blueberry muffin batter, minus the guilt of eating raw egg and the sugar-induced stomach ache 10 minutes later.  Eat your heart out, Quaker.

This idea came just in time for tomorrow, as I’m making a surprise treat for my best friend, Jenn’s, 21st birthday and wanted a natural way to dye frosting.  Experimenting will ensure, starting bright and early tomorrow morning!

Happy Day Before Friday!

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  1. Matt Mais permalink
    November 15, 2017 4:41 PM

    Do you have any more sea adventures oatmeal or can you tell me how to get some. Ive been searching for years to find a box or as much as i can get so i can have my girlfriend try it because she doubts how good it is. If you have even just a lead id greatly appreciate it thank you so much

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