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Success and Failure

June 10, 2010

I had a guest for breakfast this morning…

Yep, FINALLY got my sister to come over for her first bowl of oats!  **Btw I call her Beanie or Little Bear but her real name is Colleen**

Blue = Lauren, Green = Beanie — she let me dress hers up for her

Rolled oats + vanilla almond milk topped with: 2 big strawberries, blueberries and organic peanut butter

I had to make her try the peanut butter so she could see how creamy it is — JIF does NOT melt like real peanut butter!

Rolled oats + vanilla almond milk topped with: 1/4 banana, blueberries, Honey Bunches Just Bunches, yum!

Beanie wants to try counting calories for a while just to see where she is and what she needs to cut back on/add more of so here is the count for both bowls:

Blue = 252, Green = 261 — a lot less than I thought!  Yet we were both so full, aren’t oats amazing?

Brief sisterly montage from our trip to New Orleans last summer


And now on to the failure…

Turkey Cordon Bleu Black Burger

This was a Whole Foods recipe that I really wanted to try because it combined cheese and ham inside a turkey burger (beef burgers make me literally sick, it’s so sad).  Anyone have any tips on cooking meat?  It seems like every time we use any kind of meat it starts to burn on the outside but is still raw on the inside, what the heck?  Even if we put it on a super low temp and cook it longer (such as we did last night) it still ends up like this…

Ugh, we had it out there for at least 20 minutes and the recipe said it would only need to cook 6 minutes on each side.

Despite the extra CRUNCH on the outside the burger actually tasted pretty darn good, weird I know.

Here’s the recipe if you want to attempt it!

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